Shamanic Healing

“The shaman is one who walks with one foot in the everyday world and one foot in the spirit world” – Leo Rutherford,  “Your Shamanic Path”


The Shamanic Journey is one of the most commonly used techniques for healing. Shamans divide reality into different dimensions or parallel realities: Upper, Middle and Lower worlds. To embark on a Shamanic Trance Journey is to travel to these Worlds using relaxation techniques and riding on the sound of the drumbeat.

By using the technique of Shamanic Journeying and entering Shamanic States of Consciousness we gain access to a vast web of worlds where we can seek help guidance and wisdom, and which connects us more profoundly with the Infinite. Journeying and other shamanic techniques all aim to examine and re-establish an efficient use of One’ws Power/Medicine. Loss of personal Power results in dis-ease. “Power’, to the Shaman, has nothing to do with power-over others, but rather about taking personal responsibility for One’s own life and happiness.


Often we do not fully process traumas or emotional distress experienced earlier in our lifetime (or past life). This incomplete processing may result in the acting out of destructive patterns in the present. Regression is a powerful technique to release old trauma from the body-mind, to reclaim our self-responsibility and to cut energetic bonds that no longer serve us.


This technique aims to promote a return to Wholeness. Trauma can often result in what is called partial soul loss or in an extreme case, total soul loss (coma). The technique involves Journeying to the Underworld to retrieve the “lost” part(s) of the soul and to blow them back into the body.


Kinesiology is a modern, extremely simple, yet remarkably effective diagnostic tool, used by a diverse range of complimentary therapists. Using the inherent wisdom of the body Kinesiology can cut through layers of defense and fear to help us arrive at the root cause of any issue.


Acupressure directs energy through the fingers (rather than needles) to specific points on the body’s meridians in order to balance and harmonize the organism.



A traditional Hawaiian Shamanic massage in which breathwork, gentle stretches of the body, long fluid, rhythmic strokes and rotations of the joints help to promote free and abundant flow of life energy.


Devised by Kusum, an Indian Yogini from Poona, Maharastra, this massage combines deep tissue bodywork with a series of “assisted yoga stretches”, creating a relaxed and healthy body-mind.


Deep Tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.