“Vinod is such a wonderful teacher! He has a very warm and vital energy. The shamanic healing course was really informative, fun and revealing. I think back on it with fond memories of wonderful people and discovery in a very special place!”

~ Julia


“Vinod is ready for anything and that usually means laughter! His mirth is gladly infectious and prone to lift the spirits of even the most morbid over-thinker. He has and continues to facilitate for me much insightful opening in a fun, playful and profound way. I recommend his Shamanic Healing with every last iota of my molecular particulars. Thank you Vinod; it is a joy to know you and deep honour to call you a friend.”

~ RU

“I attended shaman school with vinod in 2010 and I still remember many of the journeys we went on that week. I met my spirit animal, met my death, and met myself. It was fun and light and deep. Highly recommended.”


“Vinod is the real deal in so many ways. He is the real deal in the sense that he is certainly a man of power, but more importantly he is real about life. In today’s age New Age Spirituality has become the opiate of the masses to help them repress their darkness. Vinod will teach you to face your inner darkness and then to dance and laugh with it. His laugh is one of the most genuine sounds one can hear. It is the true joy of experience and has taught me more than any book I’ve read.”


“In around 15 years of encountering many healers and spiritual seekers Vinod stands out as being one of the most authentic sincere and Real teachers. Whatever healing method he uses love shines through him. The shamanic methods he uses are natural to him and his fatherly compassion and delivery are captivating.”

~ Ben

“I have known Vinod for many years now in various capacities: a powerful shaman a brilliant teacher, a great bodyworker and a phenomenal human being and a friend. His knowledge and skill as a shaman are truly awe-inspiring delivered with so much humour and wisdom that integrating it becomes quite effortless.  He helped me connect the dots in my life many times and I am very grateful to have studied with him. I highly recommend his Shamanic Healing Training, as it will be life changing and inspiring no matter where you are at in your life. And don’t forget his Bodywork!!!”

~ Olia

“Beneath Vinod’s easygoing unassuming manner he is a man with a deep dedication to his craft.”

~ Shabba

“This is much more than a healing training , for me it was more about the container provided, that allowed me to experiencing how incredibly connected to the universe I actually am.”

~ Michael

“Attending the workshop with Vinod was a challenge to me because , as a computer programmer I was not very open to spiritual worldviews before. I was surprised that I was not asked to shut off my rational mind but instead all levels of my being were allowed and nurtured by Vinod’s Shamanic Healing workshop. I got some historical background of ancient shamanic tradition as well as practical tools for healing body work. The workshop was my beginning into more openness  to a more real understanding of reality. Hugging trees was no longer crazy, listening to nature became something logical. I am ver grateful for this heart opener. I recommend spending time with Vinod.  I appreciate his simplicity, coolness and depth altogether.”

~ Ernesto

“The best training I’ve ever done, Vinod is sublime. The course content invaluable…definitely worth revisiting and the fun still reverberates.”

~ Grainne

“I had my first conversation with Vinod in a dream. That made me decide to participate to his workshop a couple of days later. The second day, he taught the same exercise than in my dream. That made me open even more to his teaching and to the oneness. I had a great time learning from him. I liked his approach which was free, open and fun. I didn’t feel like I was pushed into a dogma, but more that I was exploring the shamanism from a mix of different cultures. It made me connect with nature in a different way. If I wasn’t that far, I would go to the second workshop!”

~ Aude

“I did three of Vinod’s shamanic workshops over ten years ago now and I can honestly say that they remain the most magical workshops I’ve ever done. Working with Vinod was a wonderfully rich, reality-altering experience that has stayed with me all this time. I am forever changed, and eternally grateful.”

~ Paf

“Vinod has been teaching in the InanItah community for the past three years. He brings laughter, joy and deep hugs! His work is deep yet playful, encouraging students to face daemons with ease and grace.”

~ Gaia Ma

“Don’t miss the Shamanic Meditations conducted by Vinod, a shaman with long blonde hair and a dazzling personality. In his meditations, Vinod takes you on a journey of the imagination, as he helps tap into your subconscious and unlock your creative senses. He also offers private Shamanic sessions which involve regression, soul retrieval, and other kooky mystical stuff, which somehow makes sense when he explains it to you. The best fun I had at the retreat.”

~ Yvette Sitten, Elle Magazine (Singapore)

“I have many fond memories from Vinod’s Shamanic Healing Workshop – singing with your drum, dancing, massage, meditation and learning how to make flower essences ha ha ha. Liked how we explored different shamanic traditions and principles – from Toltec to talismanic etc. Thanks for sparking my interest, Vinod!”

~ Jo

“At the health resort where Vinod teaches meditation and holds healing courses, all sorts of world weary types turn up bedraggled and exhausted from city life –  stressed-out westerners. Reconnecting with nature is Vinod’s prescription for the ills of modern man. Each session takes from one to three hours and involves intense drumming and guided meditations.”

~ fhm, Singapore

“The course set me on a different life path where I am more aware of things surrounding and within me. I feel empowered and have gained confidence in dealing with the “downs”. I look at the world through different lenses and now think it is beautiful even when it is dark and scary. Through Vinod,  I learned how to play again, laugh and not to take things too seriously.”

~ Melanie

“If I could sum up Vinod’s unruly teaching methods, or his unashamed and infectious joy for life, nature and all its uncanny and colourful possibilities; or how his course opens your eyes to these possibilities through the doors of your imagination, which were much wider and more powerful than you imagined they could be. And that a sense of fun was the most important tool in this journey, I guess that’s how I’d do it.”

~ Paul

“The experience of the jungle was completely different for me after this initiation – everything was green and shining and vibrant. I became aware of the immensity of the whole, of my own insignificance and the realisation that I am part of this whole.  Vinod is a timeless Shaman, somehow completely of his time yet aware of the greater whole,  a down-to-earth geezer with so much love for life. My mindset has changed.  I no longer dwell on the negative aspects, but try to live in a different, more mindful way.  I thoroughly recommend the course to anyone! “

~ Sarah

“Vinod taught me to rely more on the universe, the Mother Earth and the Father Skies. I have become a better believer in myself and most of all, eternity and how the universe lets me flow better, to roll at my own souls drum beat, to know that it holds my life.“

~ Jessica

“After many years of shamanic practices, Vinod’s workshop, enlivened and engaged the journey through the realms, creating a bridge, in which the power of magik can freely flow throughout my entire life.  With true power and the liberating force of belly breaking laughter, Vinod’s masterful way of weaving play and the sacred opens the shamanic doorway, which lives right in our own hearts.”

~ Uma

“The Shamanic Healing Training is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. It not only helped me connect with Nature , my spiritual practice and my mind’s eye; it taught me to love unconditionally. Please allow yourself to take this course, you will not regret it!”

~ Madi

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